Star Citizen Idris-P Fund

Contribute to our Conquest of the Sea of Stars!

  • Length: 140 meters
  • Cargo: 120 tonnes
  • Crew: 10 people
  • Upgrades: 20 Slots
  • Engines: TR5 (8x)
  • Thrusters: TR3 (8x1)
  • Turrets: Class-5 (7x), Class-6 (1x)
  • 1 Class-7 Mount available


Hello, Rainidears!

Star Citizen is the multiplayer space combat sim being developed by Wing Commander creator Chris Roberts. The open-world, persistent universe of Star Citizen will be built upon the Crysis3 CryEngine and involve physics-based FPS combat on a massive scale; both in the stars with fleets of ships, as well as planetside with infantry on alien worlds.

Whether your goal in Star Citizen will be to participate in large-scale space battles with entire fleets, chase down enemy ships to board to collect player bounties, or engage in infantry battle on the ground, I want to be a part of it with YOU on my Stream! Every Viewer will be welcome to join my Guild/Organization once the game launches in 2014, regardless of skill level or fundraiser commitment. Which brings me to the purpose of this page.

The Goal

Sometime between November 20th and November 24th, there will be a final sale of Star Citizen ships before inherited Lifetime Insurance ends. My goal with this fundraiser is to raise enough donations from Viewers to purchase an Idris-P with Lifetime Insurance for the benefit of my Stream. If this fundraiser goal is reached, Viewers (with priority given to Donors) will be guaranteed boarding and turret access to this Idris-P within reason. We'll explore the galaxy together in a Corvette with up to three single-seat fighters in our hangar!

The Backup Plan

If this fundraiser fails to reach it's goal, I will do my best to make up for the difference in donations and still purchase the Idris-P. If the fundraiser does not make it to the halfway point in donations by November 24th however, I will be using the funds to purchase cheaper ships with LTI instead. These ships will be made freely available for use to Viewers and Guild/Organization members. I feel that the Stream will still benefit from the fundraiser this way!

The Benefits

As many of you know, I run my own community of Team Fortress 2 servers, powered by my custom Freak Fortress 2 mod. If you donate to this fundraiser and include your SteamID number as a note with your donation, I will credit you for two months of Donor time for every $10 that you donate! Donors on my servers get access to exclusive Bosses, trails, and more. You'll also be given permanent Donor status on my forums as well if you decide to register.

Please help my Stream to reach for the stars! Every donation helps. ♥

Our Goal
100% done

The Donor List

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Good luck getting the ship :)


Commander Raini to the bridge, plz ;)

This is StuttterButtter donating for "munchy29", Also best Donation Page i have ever seen on twitch


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Great stream, Can't wait to join the Nerdorable Organisation ;)


Good luck with the Idris-P Commander Rainicorn!


Hope this help. Love your stream.


Good luck getting the ship!


Thats all i could afford from my birthday money. So HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :)


Finally a donation button! Thanks for the entertainment/laughs you and your friends have provided me. Enjoy the ship :D


Best of luck on getting the ship



Testing this thing I threw together.